5.3 Installation

Note that Nextflow is already installed on the machines for the training!

Java version 8 (minimum) is needed for Nextflow installation.

java -version

Then we can install Nextflow with:

curl -s https://get.nextflow.io | bash

This will create the nextflow executable that can be moved, for example, to /usr/local/bin.
We can test that the installation was successful with:

nextflow run hello

N E X T F L O W  ~  version 20.07.1
Pulling nextflow-io/hello ...
downloaded from https://github.com/nextflow-io/hello.git
Launching `nextflow-io/hello` [peaceful_brahmagupta] - revision: 96eb04d6a4 [master]
executor >  local (4)
[d7/d053b5] process > sayHello (4) [100%] 4 of 4 ✔
Ciao world!

Bonjour world!

Hello world!

Hola world!

This command downloads and runs the pipeline hello (it is downloaded from the nextflow-io github repository).