2.3 Tidyverse core packages

The following 8 packages are included in the core tidyverse version (current version in April 2021):

  • Data Import and Management
    • tibble
    • readr
  • Data Wrangling (Tyding and Transformation)
    • dplyr
    • tidyr
    • stringr
    • forcats
  • Data Visualization and Exploration
    • ggplot2
  • Functional Programming
    • purrr

logo name description
dplyr Package for data manipulation and exploratory data analysis.
tidyr Package that aims at creating tidy data. Tidy data describe a standard way of storing data.
stringr Package that provides a set of functions for user-friendly string manipulation.
forcats Package that helps you deal with factors
readr Package for fast and efficient import and export of data.
tibble Tibbles are improved - easier to manage - data frames.
purrr Package that aims at enhancing R’s functional programming toolkit. It provides a set of tools for working with functions and vectors.
ggplot2 Package for data vizualization of graphics based on Leland Wilkinson’s’ Grammar of Graphics: graphics are built one layer at a time.