Part14 Conditional statement

Conditional statements are expressions that perform different computations or actions depending on whether a predefined boolean condition is TRUE or FALSE.

“if” statement

Structure of the if statement:

If the condition is TRUE, then proceed to the action_command; if it is FALSE, then nothing happens.
Note the usage of curly brakets {} to start and end the conditional!

With else

If the condition is TRUE, then proceed to action_command1; if the condition is FALSE, proceed to action_command2.

With else if

If the condition1 is TRUE, then proceed to the action_command1; if the condition1 is FALSE, test for condition2: if the condition2 is TRUE, proceed to the action_command2; if neither condition1 nor condition2 are TRUE, then proceed to the action_command3 (else).

Note that you can add up as many else if statements as you want, but only one else (not compulsory either).

  • Example without else
  • Example with else