18.1 heatmap.2 function from gplots package

A heatmap is a graphical representation of data where the values are represented with colors.
The heatmap.2 function from the gplots package allows to produce highly customizable heatmaps.

  • Useful arguments include:
    • Rowv, Colv : process clustering of columns or rows (default TRUE to both)
    • dendrogram : show dendrogram for row, col, both or none
    • scale : scale data per row, column, or none
    • col : dendrogram color palette
    • trace : control the cyan density lines
    • RowSideColors, ColSideColors : block of colors that represent the columns or the rows
    • labRow,labCol : remove or keep row or col labels
    • main : title
    • xlab, ylab: x-axis or y-axis label